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Missed The Noise

by Chiasm

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Symbolic ‡ Tentacles
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Symbolic ‡ Tentacles With famous John Fryer accompanying Emileigh this turns out to be her most multilayered LP yet. It's best you process it through multiple listenings. The sound combines various types of moods, going back n' forth with experiments (it even has back vocals by John and electro guitar at some point). From time to time (especially with each step closer to an end) it abandons EBM in favor of more tragic IDM. It's pretty uncommon even for Chiasm, but helps to forget about her.., - not Chiasm of course. Favorite track: Knocking.
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raivokasmagma I love this album. Like journey to tough times and sun shines at the end. Favorite track: Missed.
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preciousken Always excited to see amazing art created by a fellow Michigander like Emileigh Rohn. This album is arranged by legendary producer John Fryer. There is nothing better than two top talents forming a bond and producing something better than the sum of the parts. Emileigh has a voice that gives you a gut punch of energy with every phrase. This feels like the montage scene in a film where our heroine levels up her power. It feels like actualization with every electric build and feint. Favorite track: Missed.
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Noise 04:27
Noise – I’m at the board with you/ soon we’ll release our truth/ circles right before us in one giant chorus/ screaming through our toys/ reaching for the noise/ sound is pushing me through/ I hear it in my head too/ living to create the torture we escape/ aiming for the noise before we’re destroyed/ Don’t forget to sleep/ Don’t forget to breathe/ Finding that need for noise before we’re destroyed/ Tracking every beat/ Brains are on repeat/ Finding that love of noise before we’re destroyed/ I’m in the screen with you/ knowing we’ll make truth/ waving fingers for us/ dancing giant chorus/ I’m in the mood with you/ did you feel that too/ lights are shining towards us/ in the darkness for us/ in the noise where we sleep/ our brains run on repeat/ when the fight gets lonely/ where we breathe/ in the noise every beat will save us from defeat/ find we’re moving slowly/ I’m on the floor with you/ dancing alone with you/ it’s all right before us/ in one giant chorus/ screaming through the noise/ where we sleep when the fight gets lonely
Away 04:42
AWAY- Why don’t you take me away/ come here take me from all your lies/ we’re living in your disguise for too long to compromise/ what’s next/ maybe we could have guessed/ there’s nothing more to expect since we’ve just revived from death/ you finally caught the wheel now/ and this momentum’s true/ Why don’t you take me away/ Our minds/ bodies/ hearts are churning away/ so here we face each other’s tells when we can’t take it ourselves/ it’s all been knocked off the shelf/ wait here for the new big reveal/ know just what can’t be quite real/ there’s no doubt in how I feel/ well you thought you were the center but for me it was our hearts/ can’t protect us from the storm ahead if you won’t make it start/ we were left exposed and longing for the crisis in the dark/ here alone face the past/ you finally caught the wheel now/ from nowhere it found you
Frantic 05:29
FRANTIC – Now the cable’s tripped/ the numbers split/ do we exist/ there is no telling/ the switches flipped/ the keys resist/ no time for this/ the clock is flying/ there’s nothing clear/ you’ll see/ you’ll hear/ would you come here/ I am done yelling/ I’m seeing red/ it stirs my head/ want peace instead/ I can’t stop trying/ My mind out of control/ I am a frantic soul/ I can’t say it feels like heaven/ Machines thrown off of the bridge/ This isn’t how I live/ I can’t say it feels like heaven/ we climbed too high/ it broke our lives/ connection cries/ ‘cause it’s not working/ underneath we’re in the deep and nothing speaks/ the ports are broken/ I touch the keys/ protect my needs/ illusion breeds/ the stories telling/ on my phone/ not what I’ve known/ the panic’s grown/ the mouths have spoken/ out of control/ the panic takes me home/ it’s darker than I’ve known/ thrown right off the bridge
ARE YOU OK – Look out it’s getting dark/ know you felt it from the start/ please don’t take it all away/ we need ourselves today/ I should be hurting but I’m not/ I’m just staring back in shock/ maybe this time we forgot/ Are you okay/ I face your way while I’m sleeping/ Just so I can hear you breathing/ Feel you near/ Face my fears/ I think that we forgot dear/ I face your way while I’m seething/ Know this night is worth repeating/ Hold you near/ Shed my tears/ Are you okay/ feel you near/ look out it’s getting cold/ found the depths within our souls/ threw the broken parts away/ all’s gone silent where we prayed/ and now it’s too late/ I should be hurting but I’m not/ I’m just staring back in shock/ maybe through this we forgot/ Are you okay/ You face my way/ While we’re sleeping/ Just so you can hear me breathing/ Feel you near/ Take my fears/ I need you in my heart dear/ I face your way while I’m seething/ Hope this night is worth repeating/ Feel you near/ Shed my tears/ Are you okay/ I can feel you near and I can hear you clear/ I can feel you in my heart
Intertwined 04:35
INTERTWINED – Intertwined- I still dream you’re spilling your heart to me/ spiraling/ shifting to ecstasy/ tears of green ‘cause I know what you’ve seen/ intertwined/ we’ll find it all in time/ I’m still falling/ Yeah we’re intertwined/ We’re still crawling/ Twisting us intertwined/ I’m still spinning/ Finding us intertwined/ We’re still hurting/ Yeah we’re intertwined/ still afraid I can’t handle what we’ve made/ floating by/ my tears have all run dry/ what we’ll find/ it’s signaling in my mind/ urgently I find you right next to me/ I cry hoping I won’t be questioned why/ still I cry knowing that you know why/ Hoping the world to find/ I’m still hiding/ Knowing we’re intertwined/ We’re still fighting/ Twisting you from my mind/ You know we’re intertwined/ Are we winning/ I cry knowing you won’t be questioned why
Calling 04:56
CALLING – Guess who’s calling/ at night I still lie wide awake and hope that you don’t wake up/ with feelings forming in your head that you just have to make up/ why/ we have to try/ this morning I try not to break and hope you don’t take up/ remembering those conversations/ hoping that we’ll make it right/ after the night/ Falling from above/ Ashamed to be in love/ Mystery from above/ Afraid I might go blind/ A mask to hide my time/ Give me some time/ still we both lie wide awake/ afraid we’ll never wake up/ I don’t think there’s much more to take/ just standing here inside this dream/ you’re everything/ tomorrow maybe it won’t take so long for you to wake up/ remembering those sleepless nights and hoping that we’ll make it right/ after the night/ Leave it all behind/ Afraid of my own mind/ Give me some time/ how can I know what went wrong if I don’t know where I belong/ Calling from above/ Victory of the mind to occupy my time/ Give me a sign
Yours 04:08
yours – Am I yours don’t wanna leave you/ for the show can I believe you/ I don’t want to just deceive you/ soon you’ll know to scream like we do/ I’m never stopping/ I’m saying I’m here I’m yours/ Par for the course/ Held in the chase/ My thoughts (heart) erased/ quiet now/ I still hear you/ I’m still here/ yeah I’m found found/ I feel too near you/ can you feel/ making sound/ feel it through you/ turned around/ scream like we do/ am I stopping/ naw I’m singing/ moving us forward/ twisting the sound/ little bit too far to miss the ground/ all making noises/ sending it ‘round/ spinning us faster/ ‘til we are found/ never stopping/ screaming
Missed 05:00
MISSED – I’m walking towards you to this day/ it’s urgent now, won’t go away/ I know I’ve taken all my time/ I think you’ve strangled my sweet mind/ I’m walking towards you to this day/ The window’s broken and winter’s here/ I won’t let this cold control my fears/ I hear that you’ve been near/ held together/ feared forever/ Driving blindly/ We’re apart/ Watch us suffer for the art/ Replaced in this dark space/ Dancing wildly at the start/ Missed the struggle/ Missed our part/ Embrace this new pace/ the window’s broken and we’re still here/ won’t let the chaos control my fears/ it’s true/ so where were you/ we picked up the pieces for a moment or two/ treasure while we got it for we know it’s through/ it’s true/ there’s a time and place for everything and you were right I have been near/ held together/ feared forever/ I’m walking towards you to this day/ It’s urgent now/ won’t go away/ I should have taken my sweet time/ to help untangle my cold mind/ I know I’ve taken all my time/ so you can handle my sweet mind
Knocking 03:43
KNOCKING – I’ve had to shut you out/ ’cause I can’t take the doubt that it makes in me/ you’ve made it such a dream/ I can’t believe my eyes/ it makes me scream/ I’ve had to spill it out/ ‘cause I can’t take this bout of intensity/ it’s done so much to me/ I can’t believe this vibe that it’s built in me/ You’re out with someone (headed somewhere) else/ Was I just chased away/ I still find myself wanting to stay/ You knew I’d run away just like I did before/ I still find myself knocking on doors/ I’ve had to take you in/ because of where we’ve been/ we’re such a team/ I can’t believe it’s real/ It’s become so surreal where you’ve taken me/ I’ve had to readjust this emptiness of trust/ need to believe/ did we just find our place/ I think I found the trace that you left for me
Wanted 04:22
WANTED – Don’t tie my tongue/ I won’t be healed/ I’ve got too much here to be revealed/ don’t look away/ I feel betrayed ‘cause all I want is to not be pushed away/ I watch the dots float by/ Wait for words before my eyes/ No more haunting of our lives/ It’s what you wanted/ Now we’re lined up for the pain/ Just got lost in pouring rain/ Sure you’ll find I’m not the same/ It’s what you wanted/ you’re on the screen staring back at me/ what does it mean/ you’re unlike I’ve ever seen/ we lost the track of our well planned attack/ it burst to flames/ now we’ll never be the same/ you told me how you thought we’d win/ that’s where I feel we must begin/ Now I watch the dots float by/ Say good morning to screen light/ It’s still time to say good night/ It’s what you wanted/ Now we’re lined up for the pain/ Just got lost in pouring rain/ Sure you’ll find I’m not the same/ It’s what you wanted
Gone 04:21
Gone – It’s been a while since I’ve been outside/ the colors fading used to be so bright/ the sky is covered/ used to feel alright/ the shadows wrong/ where have we gone/ What did you think that day/ When words were hard to say/ Gone is the truth from us/ Gone is the pain we trust/ take me outside/ it’s been a while since I’ve been outside/ my life is changing/ there used to be some light/ my thoughts discovered/ used to be alright/ the shadows gone/ it’s just all too wrong/ used to be some light/ it’s gone/ used to feel alright/ it’s gone/ used to be alright/ it’s gone


"Working with John [Fryer] was a completely fresh experience for me that reinvigorated my passion for writing. The opportunity arrived, thanks to COP International, at a time I wasn't sure of my next direction in music at all. I had released my solo album Reset in 2019 and I was ready for a new approach. Creating Missed The Noise was unprecedentedly fast-paced and insightful for me. I became capable of trusting my instincts and pushed my creativity forward without over-questioning. The collaboration felt easy. I loved what John did with each track, and we worked delightfully smoothly together in my experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and am certain it has influenced how I will continue my art forever. I am so thankful."

And Fryer adds, "It was extremely exhilarating working with Emileigh. As soon as I heard the vocals for the first song, everything seemed to click like all of a sudden the stars aligned, and off we went on this incredible journey and ending with the wonderfully fantastical album Missed The Noise.

“Away’ is a beautiful song featuring dense, stuttering electronics and Chiasm’s trademark ethereal vocals that shift into an echoing, high-pitched chorus… a massively overlooked talent in the industrial and dark electronic scene.” —Synthpop Fanatic

"Emileigh Rohn's voice is somewhere between Bjork and kaRIN of Collide—soothing in sound and yet jarring in message.” —Outburn Magazine

“The Detroit-based performer has put out some austere material the past 20-something years, industrial-drenched noise explosions and implosions, but ‘Away; is considerably more accessible thanks in part to her collaboration with John Fryer, producer for the likes of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails…. a dramatic, hard-rubbed-synthesizer brand of electro, a Goldfrapp-meets-Grimes instrumental context for the vocals of Rohn, who at times sounds like a dead ringer for the Bangles’ Susannah Hoffs.” —Knoxville News Sentinel

"What Kate Bush is to pop culture, Chiasm is to electronic music." —Zillo

"The often dismal character of the Motor City is known for inspiring a host of instrumental techno artists, but Chiasm (Emileigh Rohn) chooses to express her angst through very intimate and intense audio exorcisms that juxtapose her ethereal, haunting vocals and confrontational snarls with murky, minimalist industrial sounds. … An audio diary full of electro energy and honest emotion that gives the idea of 'girl power' a whole new spin." —CMJ

"Emileigh Rohn's music is one of the often-overlooked treasures of the dark electro/industrial genre." —LiarSociety


released March 5, 2021

Vocals / Lyrics / Vocal Recording / Pre-production by Emileigh Rohn
Music by John Fryer and Emileigh Rohn
Additional Vocals/Lyrics on “Missed” by G.W.Childs IV

Produced and engineered by John Fryer
At Black Needle Noise Recording Emporium
A Black Needle Noise Production

Mastered by Turtle Tone
Design by Dcore


all rights reserved



Chiasm Detroit, Michigan

Chiasm is a solo industrial-influenced electronic project from Detroit, MI created by Emileigh Rohn. She has recently finished writing and recording a new full-length album, "Missed The Noise" with John Fryer, now available on COP International records. ... more

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